15 min | Refreshing one of the largest news broadcasters in Lithuania


15 min is a leading news broadcaster in Lithuania. They came to us with the need to refresh a rather dated visual identity that wasn’t helping them to communicate their values. As one of the largest Lithuanian news website, they’ve decided to reach high and differentiate themselves from other players that were pushing just about average content only trying to increase the click rate per article on their sites. 15 min has set themselves a rather ambitious purpose: to be the most quality orientated news broadcaster in the country, with a lot of emphases on educational content that helps reader to build critical knowledge behind event. A new visual identity was needed to help them emphasise this move towards the quality.

Our solution

Having gone through numerous discussion, we’ve decided that an evolution rather than revolution was the right step to go forward. The old logo was refreshed keeping the wordmark almost unchanged but simplifying the overall shape. RGB colour palette was chosen, as majority of the content was digital.

To begin with, the website and the app were updated. Although the existing structure of the website was not revised the way articles are structured was revisited and improved to put more emphasis on educational content, quick facts and so on. The mark was animated for on screen applications.

We’ve also worked on studio interior project of interview videos, explainer styleguide, advertising campaign and social project ‘Internet hygiene’ to highlight the problem of behaviours ethics online.