Džiaugsmas | The identity for the new bistro of the best Lithuanian chef


We were invited to create the name and visual identity for the new bistro that will be opened by the best Lithuanian chef. The idea of the place was that it will only use the best seasonal ingredients from Lithuania. We were told that the menu will be constantly changing, to showcase the best that is available that day.

Our Solution

We came up with the idea to call it Džiaugsmas (Lithuanian word for Happiness). It received an instant liking from the chef and the rest of the team. The concept for the visual identity was inspired by religious paintings and calm face expressions found there. We wanted to express inner happiness, the feeling of content that people would experience at the table in the new bistro after the meal. We drew six characters with halo like plates behind their portraits. Each portrait can be used interchangeably as a logo. The whole look and feel is simple, clean and minimalist, just like the food and atmosphere in the restaurant, no fuss, just the best ingredients and the best of service.

We applied the new visual identity across menus, reservations and gifts cards and other collateral needed for a place like this.


This is our second project with the same chef. We previously created visual identity for his first restaurant Stebuklai (Lithuanian word for Wonders). Check it out here.