Internet hygiene | Social project addressing behaviour ethics online


One of the leading Lithuanian news website 15min approached us with an idea: they wanted to ban anonymous comments, and encourage their readers to comment responsibly using their real names.

The challenge was to avoid scaring readers away, and encouraging them to register.

Our solution

We began with the insight that 15min, as the most innovative and quality-oriented news producer, should be the one to spark a discussion about online behaviour in general. The truth is, the internet is a big part of our lives, but the basic standards of online behaviour are often left on the sidelines.

We came up with the idea of creating a product line for internet users called ‘Internet hiegiene’. These products were especially design to get people thinking of ethics of online behaviour and communication.


The video was created to present and promote the new product line.


When these products were sent to local celebrities and social influencers the Lithuanian Internet went nuts. Even the President, Dalia Grybauskaitė, had something to say.

Our campaign made it onto national television, radio and was discussed at the internet and technology conference LOGIN, in a debate between the CEO of 15min and his biggest rival, the CEO of leading Lithuanian news portal Delfi.

Most importantly, the campaign has changed the behaviour of people commenting online. After two months, the number of registered users increased by three times.

Meaningful discussions have started to appear under articles at 15min, including not only readers, but also the authors of the articles and even local celebrities.

The initiative by 15min has been welcomed by other news producers, also inspiring some of them to put an end to anonymous commenting.