Mother Trucker | New brand for the edgiest sausage in town


A group of young entrepreneurs came to us with their new street food business. They had the trucks, the gourmet hotdog recipes and plenty of drive – now they needed a brand. The brief was pretty straightforward: make it edgy.


We searched for a name that would be daring, yet friendly. And after playing around with the topics of gourmet street food, slang and, well, dogs, we found it – Mother Truckers. It stuck right away!  We followed up the cleverness of the brand name with the menu items: BBQ slap, Pesto Bastard and Pardon My French were born. Then came the logo – a classic type-based sign with a little naughty twist in it. The new brand went on spreading their gutsy ideology from day one. Check their Facebook page and you will see for yourself, but be warned: Mother Trucker is not for the faint-hearted.