Dlight | New campaign for summer 2017


Although DLIGHT is a well-known light beer cocktail in Lithuania, a brand felt that it cannot catch a customers eye in the shelf and doesn’t really live up to its reputation as the most colorful brand out there. That’s why it kicked this summer off with the new looks and a fresh taste and gave us the challenge to present it to the public.

Our solution

With the restrictions on alcohol advertising getting stricter every day, we decided to talk less and take the visual path to communicate the emotional standpoint of the brand. The result of this approach was a  fast-paced video where all the action happens in the hole in the middle of the frame. We took the colors and patterns from the new labels to represent the latest looks and used cactus and mango as the main stars of the video to introduce the fresh taste. At the end of the video, the hole got covered with a bottle cap, and the frame flipped to the packshot revealing, that all these emotions fit inside the DLIGHT bottle.


The core media of the campaign was the video which ran on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Based on the visuals from the video we also created the new website and online banners as well as the visual style and content for the social media pages.