Maxima | Enjoy Everyday


We had to find a way to communicate and embed Maxima’s most exceptional functional uniqueness in the minds of consumers – here is the biggest product range that can meet the most diverse needs. Moreover, we had to build an image which shows that the brand not only satisfies the practical needs but also inspires us to enjoy life every day.


Most of the supermarket chains speak about themselves. We decided to refuse the condescending tone and talk first and foremost about the person. To look from the perspective of customers and their life situations to connect emotionally. We introduced the Four Friends platform – these are the new characters of Maxima’s communication. The friends are well-known and recognizable women, who help the brand establish this claim: “Here, everyone will find something for themselves and their family.” The friends are different, have different interests, lifestyles, and opportunities. But at the same time, they are united by the fact they take care of their family while not forgetting themselves, the joy of life and the wish to rise above the daily routine. It is clearly defined and expressed differences between those four women that allow each of them to represent different groups of Maxima customers. Moreover, the platform is very much attached to the product – each idea is justified by it. This platform allows Maxima to stand out from competitors and is not limited to the current market situation.