Teleloto | Prize Division


Teleloto is the oldest and the most played lottery in the country that offers a large number of prizes and frequent wins. Our task was to think of an idea for a platform that would enliven and refresh Teleloto image and be flexibly adapted to various occasions.


We took the Lithuanian word for ‘distribution’ (dalybos), which is very often used in Teleloto communication, and created a slightly humorous microcosm based on it – a prize distribution unit (padalinys) in which a guy named Dalius (same word root as dalybos) works and distributes the prizes. This is a happy, a bit distracted guy. We made the prize distribution unit lively and colorful – following the colors of the Teleloto logo. The overall mood made the lottery feel friendly, warm, and suitable for all. The idea of ​​the platform allowed to maintain consistent stylistics of the clips on different occasion and to integrate the product message smoothly.